Elegant Drape Designs

When Aimee Gao and Queenie Ge set out to decorate their home, they couldn’t find a store with fashionable curtains. So, the two decided to open a shop themselves.

Good Oral Hygiene Might Keep Big Illness Away

Healthy teeth and gums might play more of a role in your overall health than you think. The average mouth is teeming with roughly 100-200 bacteria species. While not all that bacteria is harmful, if allowed to stay longer than a short visit, it could create problems throughout the body. 

Ruth Pataine Creates Earth-Inspired, Wearable Art

Each piece of jewelry in Michelle Becker's studio is a creative work of art. Some pieces are hammered or textured by hand while others contain opal or turquoise stones she carefully sourced from faraway lands. 

Vickie Lynn’s Boutique Caters to Cypress’ Fashion Needs

 Article Aaron West | Photography Randy Depilar  If a customer were to walk into Vickie Lynn’s Boutique and think “fashion warehouse,” who could blame them? That’s where Vickie, who has owned her handbag, clothing and jewelry boutique for more than a decade, gets all her goods, after all.  “It’s all about the warehouse,” Vickie says during a phone interview with…