Art in a Cup

At L3 Craft Coffee in Bridgeland, a cup of coffee is a work of art. Order a latte with steamed milk, and you'll find an elegant drawing of a swan, tulips or hearts. 

Haddad Jewelers Offers Exquisite Designs

Diamonds and gold are nothing new to John Haddad. He’s been mining or designing with precious stones and metal since 1981. Back then, he operated a gold and diamond mining business in Sierra Leone along the coast of West Africa. But after war broke out in the 1990s, he fled to Lebanon where he polished rough diamonds salvaged from his mine…

A Made-to-Measure Man

 Article Aaron West  Dennis Farris, the owner and tailor-in-chief of Trends Custom Fit, says there’s no better time to be involved with men’s fashion than now.  “The main problem with men is that they were never introduced to made-to-measure,” Dennis says. “That’s changing. What appeals to many of our customers is a wide variety of fabric and customization, and now…

Life in a Glass House

 Article Aaron West | Photography Randy Depilar  When Steve Reno, a former musician, bought his friend's greenhouse business more than a decade ago, it wasn't a great time to be in the glass house business.   "Things were kind of slow, honestly," he says.