Little Campers and Big Smiles

Husband and wife team Scott and Amy Newton share a love of nature and the outdoors. They enjoy camping so much they decided to get a 10-foot 1960s model Shasta Camper to fix up and take out on their travels. As they were renovating, it occurred to Amy that their transport could serve a dual purpose—shelter and snapshots. Snapshots?!

Cross-Country Cuisine

One of the first things Skye Cafe owner Lena Lindsay realized when she moved to Texas from New York City five years ago was the food truck scene in Cypress wasn't the same as a what she was used to.

Repositioned and Turbocharged

 Article Aaron West  The Mazda 6 is a phenomenal car, and Todd Crabtree, general manager of Jeff Haas Mazda in Cypress, loves to show it off.  “The interiors are amazing,” Todd says. “One of my employees used to work at a BMW store, and he said if you put a BMW badge on it you could sell it for $30,000…