A Chocolate Family Affair

For chocolatier Scott Kossoudji, chocolate is a serious family business. For three generations now, he and his family have crafted and designed unique chocolate candies for their local community.  

This One’s for the Kids

Who gives life to kids cartoons? How does a cartoon go from a sketch on a page to a walking, smiling, laughing unforgettable character? That’s exactly the calling of Robert Paul Jr., a longtime children’s book illustrator, character designer and animator. Robert, along with his wife and fellow artist Danaka Gordon, own and operate SteadFast Entertainment. The media company creates…

The Art of Beer

It’s hard to see one of Josh Olalde’s beer photos and not be aroused. Some of his best-known works—chaotic portraits of beer foaming, spewing or being splashed into wet pint glasses—look like carefully crafted accidents turned high art.

Industrial Folk Artist Welds Exquisite Recycled-Metal Sculptures

André Gandin meanders about his sprawling backyard workshop musing about his next scrappy creation. Crusty metal machinery parts adorn a table nearby a decaying ammunition belt. While the average eye might see junk, André sees art. Each object holds endless possibility.