As we usher in a new decade, I’m reminded of celebrating many past milestones. I’ve now experienced the start of six decades! Goodness time does fly!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday whether it was Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or any other celebration. Cypress is truly a labyrinth of cultures and traditions, and we really enjoy the diversity of our community!

If you’re like me, starting the year (and decade) off on the right foot means making a determined effort to increase (or start…cough, cough) exercising and focusing on making healthy choices.

This issue is dedicated to your health and wellness and spotlights some of Cypress’ businesses that want to help you make the leap to a healthy lifestyle. And we mean inside and out!

We are so proud of the growth in our community through the last year and cannot wait to see what is coming for 2020. As new businesses open, established businesses expand, charities fundraise and we all turn one year older, we will continue to be right there to share your stories and celebrate your milestones.

As always, please send me your thoughts and ideas that highlight our amazing community!

Warmest regards,