Cypress Sweets Offers Candy and Kid Crafting

Walking into Cypress Sweets candy shop is a treat in itself. The brightly lit shop is tidy and colorful. Shelves laden with vibrant taffy liven up an entire wall. A colorful balloon sculpture greets customers at the doorway, and a human-sized gumball machine draws smiles from adults just as much as kids. 

“The kids are just flabbergasted by the gumball machine,” says Courtney Okanlomo, who owns the shop. “People are just happy.”

This month marks the first summer for the family-owned shop located on Grant Road. The shop carries an abundance of sweets from chocolate-covered gummy bears, cookies and glazed popcorn to nostalgic candies such as licorice pipes. 

Courtney runs the shop with help from her sister and family members. A realtor by trade, she and her family decided to open the shop because they wanted a side business with low operating costs. They also wanted something fun to do together. 

“It really comes to all hands on deck when it comes to operating the store,” she says, smiling.

Courtney’s children—ages 7, 5 and 3—often frequent the shop. Her sister runs day-to-day operations, and other family members pitch in. 

Courtney hopes the shop offers a child-friendly environment. Half the store is completely dedicated to kids crafting. Behind the wall of rainbow-colored taffy is a sprawling room with two school cafeteria tables. Three days a week, kids can sit and decorate aprons, color and paint all just steps away from the candy shop.  

“Our main focus is to have fun,” Courtney says.  

11702 Grant Road Suite E, Cypress, Texas