Beer Photographer Makes Splash in Craft Brew Scene

It’s hard to see one of Josh Olalde’s beer photos and not be aroused. Some of his best-known works—chaotic portraits of beer foaming, spewing or being splashed into wet pint glasses—look like carefully crafted accidents turned high art.

“People are mesmerized,” Josh says. “But it also causes discomfort because … seeing an expensive beer getting spilled like that—it’s like ‘Dude, what are you doing?’ It’s outrageous!”

And that reaction is what keeps him going.

Josh, a self-proclaimed “beertographer,” elevates food photography to a whole new realm. He documents his best work on Instagram. While most photographers might capture a neatly poured brew in a chilled glass, Josh takes pride in staging action-packed craft beer scenes that reflect a brewsky’s true personality. On one shoot, he suspended a beer can from the ceiling while squirting beer at it. The result? The beer, Defying Gravity Double IPA from Houston-based Bakfish Brewing, appears to levitate.

Josh hopes his efforts encourage people to try local craft brews and view beer as more than just a drink. 

“I want people to see beer as an art,” Josh says. “Because a lot of people devote a lot of time and effort. They take years to perfect this craft.”

“I want people to see beer as an art, because a lot of people devote a lot of time and effort.” | Instagram: @josh_olade