Painthouse Rags Custom Car Shop Equips Classic Cars with Modern Technology

YEAR: 1951

MAKE: Chevrolet

MODEL: 3100 Truck

1. Dark Maroondy Pearl paint color named for Painthouse Rags owner/painter Randy Borcherding

2. Custom-built steering wheel with hand-stitched leather covering; All-leather interior by Stitch by Stitch designs, Cookville, Tennessee

3. Custom Art Morisson chassis frame

4. LS3 Chevrolet fuel-injected engine with overdrive transmission

5. Four-wheel disk brakes

Nearly 70 years after Chevrolet released its 3100 truck, it once again has a new life. Painthouse Rags, a classic car and hot-rod builder, recently restored and modified the truck, transforming it into an award-winning hot rod. 

“It’s not just restoring it back to original,” says owner Randy Borcherding, who describes the restoration process as a journey.

The truck was equipped with a new frame, a custom steering wheel, an air-conditioning system and a fuel-injected engine. Painthouse rebuilds classic cars for passionate car owners nationwide.

10503 Florafield Lane, Cypress


“You get the best of both worlds: the look that we all love, but yet the experience that we’re used to and quite honestly come to expect.”