Murdoch’s Turns Up the Heat with its Latest Burger

At Murdoch’s Backyard Pub, the owners enjoy creating cuisine inspired by people and places they know, says Sarah Franke, chef and part owner.

The popular Cypress eatery at 18541 Mueschke Road is well-known for its craft beers and creative burger mashups. This month’s burger specialty, The Dizzle, honors Murdoch’s bartender J.D. Houlihan whose appreciation for spicy foods is not for the faint-hearted. He enjoys lacing his burger with the restaurant’s outrageously hot Agent Orange Habanero Sauce.

“If I’m not sweating and tearing up, it’s not hot enough,” J.D. says.

Fancy Sanchez Patty

Homemade chicken sausage laden with cheese, mango and habanero peppers is shaped into a burger patty.  

Candied Jalapenos

Sweet-and-spicy topping for flavor


Light, citrus-like taste adds extra zing

Feta Cheese

Tart, crumbly and generously sprinkled

Cuban Pulled Pork

Smoked pork shoulder slow-cooked with orange juice and flavorful spices


Applewood smoked pork sizzled to perfection

Agent Orange Habanero Sauce

Flaming blend of habanero peppers, salt, vinegar and turmeric  

Chevre Goat Cheese Spread

Adds tangy creaminess and brightness

Nova Vert Parish Brewing New England-Style IPA

This golden beer has a fruity, hoppy flavor to complement the heat from the Agent Orange Sauce