Break a Sweat 2

Three Fast Fitness Moves to Build Muscle and Conditioning

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. This month’s workout routine designed by Cypress CrossFit Club head coach Stephen Bartholomew seems simple enough. That is until you get going. 

“It’s meant for a person who’s looking to get the most bang for their buck,” Stephen says. “But they have the least amount of time.”

The routine, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, calls for weighted lunges, pull-ups and ball slams completed in one-minute intervals. 

Stephen recommends men start with a 20- to 30-pound dumbbell for the weighted lunges and a 10-pound slam ball if they’ve never tried CrossFit. Intensity is key. Aim for between 10 to 20 repetitions per minute. It’s enough movement to get the heart rate going while still building muscle endurance. Counting your repetitions is optional, but don’t sacrifice good form to complete more reps, he says. As an added challenge, repeat the workout within a month to try to get more movements than before.


Five rounds of the following: 

1 minute goblet lunges 

1 minute pull-ups 

1 minute ball slams 

1 minute rest 

Goblet Lunge

Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell tucked under your chin while lunging. Keep your feet straight and your knees over the middle of your foot. Your legs should make a 90-degree angle when at the bottom of the lunge. Perform without weight if needed. 


Hang from a bar with your hands slightly outside of your shoulders, and pull your chin over the bar. If you cannot do a full pull-up, you can do any version of an assisted pull-up or use a lat pulldown machine. 

Ball Slam

Pick up a weighted ball off the ground until it’s over your head, then slam it on the ground. Keep your back flat throughout this movement. Use the power in your hips to get the ball up and to slam the ball down.