Make your guests feel special and at home with this extra touch

Having house guests is always a fun time. To help make out of town guests feel a little more welcome when they visit, I like to create a curated House Guest Welcome Basket. This basket is in addition to the typical house guests items: body wash, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, etc. When deciding on what sort of products I include in the basket I consider local items that offer an element of comfort. Guests can use these items during their stay and can take the goodies back home with them.

Add a throw blanket guests can use during their stay, on the plane or in the car. Include a scented candle they can light in the room and add a unisex scented room spray. Guests will enjoy the aromatherapy and these items help create a nice relaxing environment. Provide shower tablets to help make showers soothing and all the more refreshing. Gifting gourmet candies to thank your friends and family for coming to visit is always a nice touch. Maggie Louise Confections has a whole host of delightful and delicious treats! And to help them remember their visit don’t forget a Texas koozie. The koozie is a sentimental souvenir that will keep their beverages cold and warm their heart with the memories they made with you.


1. Consider what you would like to add to the welcome basket.

2. Select the size of basket you will be using.

3. Add a linen kitchen towel to line the basket.

4. Add larger items into the basket first.

5. Add smaller items to fill in the empty spots.

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