Success is Always in Reach

Reach Unlimited Helps People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Reach Their Potential

Reach Unlimited is dedicated to providing quality support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization has served individuals as young as 12 and as old as 75. For more than 30 years, Reach has worked to create a sustainable, secure environment where its clients may become all they are created to be—a place where success is always within reach.

Programs include home- and community-based services and individualized services for people living in their family’s home, their own homes or other community settings. Reach Unlimited also offers intermediate care facilities (ICF/IDD group homes) in northwest Harris County from Tomball to Spring Branch. The Supported Employment Learning Activity Center guides Reach clients on the path toward employment when they train for and accept a new job. Everyone wins as a result of this valuable program—the client, the employer, the family and the community. Opened in 2005, the LAC helps every individual achieve their personal goals.

Whether it is helping organize parent support groups or helping Reach clients and their families network and partner with other organizations, the mission at Reach Unlimited is to help all of its program members succeed. One such program that achieves this goal is the Enterprise program. The Enterprise program at the Reach Learning Activity Center provides in-house opportunities for clients to earn a paycheck.

Through the Enterprise program, Reach clients learn the craft of fused glass artwork. They become expert artisans and learn firsthand how to make the colorful creations in the organization’s on-site glass studio, which includes three kilns. They make everything from sun catchers and tableware to tabletops. They also sell notecards featuring handmade glass ornaments.

Colorful fused glass works reflect the light in an exquisite way for the benefit of the viewer. What’s more, the glass production process benefits Reach clients in that it teaches them a skill. The Enterprise program gives participants the gift of taking pride in a job, oftentimes giving them their first opportunity to work and earn a paycheck. One of their clients was in her 50s and had never received a paycheck before. Empowering people to learn a new skill, develop a strong work ethic and see the results of their dedicated work instills a sense of pride in their clients, which is priceless.

Members follow patterns similar to paint-by-numbers and glue down colored beads to a glass base. They get paid for each colored bead glued.

“I love Reach because I get to see my friends and teachers. I like everything here. I like working here and making my own money. People get to see the glass things I make and can buy them at the Reach Gift Shop. They think [the fused glass] is really nice. I really like that!” Reach Client Kelley B. says.

Reach Unlimited has limitless possibilities for volunteers. It requires hundreds of volunteers to accomplish its initiatives and annually requires a minimum of 15,000 volunteer hours to maintain its existing operations. More volunteers create opportunity to build upon existing programs. Annual fundraiser events include a golf tournament, SpringFest and a luncheon called “Reach for the Stars.”

To make a monetary donation, donation in kind, learn about annual fundraising event partnerships or learn about volunteer opportunities, visit See the gorgeous glasswork on display and available for sale at the Reach Unlimited Gift Shop or online at