The Venue is Home to a Community of Passionate and Amazing Artists

The creative process is much like that of alchemy—creating something out of nothing after the artist’s muse strikes with inspiration. Creation is a way for the artist to fully form souvenirs emblematic of their experiences in daily life using their imagination. These objects become unique treasures shared with the eye of the beholder. The following pages light up with color and form celebrating the vibrancy of these Cypress artists bursting with passion. Their work is displayed at the art oasis that is the Purple Elephant. This hidden gem is unique to Cypress and is truly a magical place.

The Purple Elephant is owned by Debra Reece, whose love of art drove her to create a place where a co-op of artists could come together to exhibit their creations. Each artist has their own separate studio space, and they have two public shows each year. The venue is also available for private events. 

Jerrie Glidden has always had art in her life. She has lived in Singapore and Scotland where she exhibited her work. Her mediums are oil, pastel and acrylic paint. She is inspired by color, shadow, light and love for beauty therein. Jerrie is always looking to grow and as such, her art evolves with her. Jerrie’s work hangs in homes and businesses across the U.S. and around the world.

Marce Maldonado, owner of I Love Art Studio, has more than 20 years experience as a teacher and graphic designer. She offers classes for kids ages 6 to 12. The program is filled with unique and fun art projects. Students explore different artists, art movements, mediums and techniques. They learn art history, color theory, elements of art and vocabulary. Their annual art show is held every April. I Love Art Studio also offers homeschool classes and birthday parties.

Alice Palmer, originally from Perth, Australia, is a recent graduate of the Florence Academy of Art, where she studied drawing and painting intensively for three years in Florence, Italy. She experiments with various mediums, including oil and watercolor, ceramics, printmaking and collage illustration. Her fine arts focus is oil painting and spans figurative scenes, still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She and Devin Nelson share techniques and studio space where they paint and conceptualize larger collaborative works.

Devin Nelson is a studio artist and painting instructor who has studied with numerous teachers and institutions, including the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. He is represented by Glade Gallery in the Woodlands along with his partner, Alice Palmer. Through his work, he seeks to convey emotion and narrative in the faces of people who have impacted his life and in places he’s traveled all around the world.

Constance Conroy Paul is a fine oil artist and makes a living selling art and doing commissioned paintings. She has been featured in Voyage Houston and In Style magazines. Constance paints blossoms, boats and barns and is known for her bold whimsical art and Matisse style. You can see her art at MAI Houston Design Center; G. Lee Gallery in Galveston, Texas; Fairmont Gallery in Sonoma California; and the Artisan Store and Gallery in Western Australia.

MV Poeffenberger is a mixed media artist whose work clearly reflects her background in graphic design. MV graduated from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Her creations range from intimate ink pieces with intricate linework and vibrant colors to charming clay sculptures depicting stylized birds to large, vivid abstract canvases. Each medium explores another story in the artist’s creative journey, with more experiments to come.

Shirley Scarpetta is an award-winning, self-taught professional bronze sculptor. She specializes in monumental bronzes, desktop, and commissioned pieces and shows in many galleries around Texas and the U.S. Her passion is to leave a legacy of creativity and sculpt people of significance who demonstrate the good in this world. She is the creator of the Station Agent Ken Walden in Tomball, the Cy-Woods Wildcat mascot and refurbished the Coles Crossing boy with fishing pole.

All work displayed at the Purple Elephant is for sale, and work can also be commissioned by their artists. Learn more about art openings, classes, workshops and other events on Facebook and Instagram @PurpleElephantArtCommunity.