Three Cypress Gyms Offer Different Ways to Get Fit in the New Year

Nearly everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, and many of you plan to start working out this month. To be successful, your workout routine should be fun yet challenging to maximize the benefits.  

Check out three Cypress gyms offering ways to keep your resolutions. There is something for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. We hope these health experts in our community will inspire you to try a new workout on for size.

All of our experts stressed the significance of commitment to your health routine. If you resolve to be healthier now, you’ll improve your life balance long-term. Here’s to your health!

Bridgeland F45 Gym

F45 is a 45-minute-long program focused on functional movements. Each class is held in a circuit setting led by experienced personal trainers who specialize in modifying or progressing every exercise to the capability of each member, making F45 suitable for everyone. They provide one-on-one training experiences within a group environment and offer strength training, cardio classes, weight loss challenges, group training and accountability all while creating community.

Owners Jodi and Tate Morton, along with partners Samantha and Justin Hall, own the F45 gyms in Bridgeland and in Louetta. They are also opening another facility in Fairfield in the near future. Their goal is to make the community healthier and teach people to be aware of their body’s capabilities and especially love the fact that they empower people to be stronger. Clients test their strength threshold and build upon it with the F45 program.

F45 stands for Functional 45 minutes. The program combines strength training with cardio. Their 45-minute class is sustainable because it is doable.

“Our 45 minutes workouts are just 3 percent of your day. We are asking people to devote 3 percent of their day to health and wellness,” Jodi says.

She notes that consistency is key.

“Once you begin a regular workout routine, your body begins to crave it. Your hormones lift; your endorphins are up; and your body, mind and spirit enjoy the natural high,” she says.

F45 offers quarterly eight-week challenges with a free app, which gives clients a complete nutrition breakdown, grocery lists and an accountability point system. Meal plans enhance the maintenance phase in between challenge periods during their clients’ fitness journeys. They have had clients lose hundreds of pounds, losing weight while gaining muscle. Their youngest member is 16, and their oldest is 66. F45 is offering a one-week free trial with no commitment for all teachers during the month of January.

Evolution Fitness & WellnessEFW.Fit

How can people currently 60 years of age, who are expected to live 20 to 30 more years, feel as young as possible? Keep moving! Jackie Bachmeier, the owner of Cy-Fair’s only gym focused on functional longevity specifically targeting the 50-plus population, is a certified functional aging specialist, who is focused on helping increase her client’s quality of life through movement.

Jackie wants people to understand that being a certain age doesn’t have to mean slowing down and living with chronic illness and disease. They teach clients to enjoy an energy-filled joyful life and have helped people in their 80s improve their strength and balance while increasing energy level. The well-rounded program addresses six areas of functional ability, which includes musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, balance, mobility, neuromuscular, as well as cognitive and emotional balance. 

Jackie’s first priority when a new client joins EFW is to get them moving safely and appropriately. Over time, she starts coaching them on other healthy lifestyle improvements. While Evolution Fitness and Wellness is focused on providing training for people age 50 and up, they have clients in their early 30s and their eldest client is 95.

Shaka Power Yoga –

Jenny Normand, owner of Shaka Power Yoga, has a mission to build a community in Cypress through the practice of yoga. When she started practicing yoga 13 years ago, it was a physical practice for her, and she admits being very impatient at first. She practiced diligently to achieve each challenging pose, but then came a time when she did not get to practice yoga for several months.

“I noticed an imbalance in my life, and I was not being my best self at home or work,” Jenny says. “One day, I decided to show up on my mat at a local studio. I had a sudden feeling of calm and peace, and that was the moment I fully understood the meaning of yoga—the yoking of the body, the mind and the soul. Since then, mindfulness has been a significant part of my yoga practice, on and off my mat.”

For Jenny, true access to yoga means not only taking care of your physical body but also your mind, which can be accessed through the practice of meditation.

“Healthy living is about being able to take care of ourselves holistically. It’s about taking care of our bodies through physical fitness and mindful eating, taking care of our minds through meditation and nourishing our souls by cultivating our spirituality living filled with compassion and love.”

She emphasizes yoga is a lifetime practice. It is never too late to try yoga. Shaka Power Yoga proudly hosts a practitioner who is 81 years old!

At Shaka Power Yoga, the main form of yoga they offer is Power Yoga. They have both heated and non-heated classes, as well as different levels of practice throughout the week, which cater to beginners all the way to advanced practitioners. The studio offers yoga to all ages, and they have a kids program that has parents and kids practicing at the same time. 

“The most important thing about yoga practice is that you keep showing up. If you say you can’t practice yoga because you can’t touch your toes, then bend your knees and you might be able to access your toes,” Jenny says.

Remember, everything takes practice.