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Harvest Juice Cafe Works for Your Health so You Don’t Have To

Alicia and Matt Alagala started creating cold-pressed juices and raw, organic smoothies for their friends and family to help them live a full and healthy life. Their journey began when Matt’s mother was diagnosed unexpectedly with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Alicia and Matt sprang into action researching ways to help boost her immune system naturally and found many testimonials from people who saw their diseases reversed through juicing.

Alicia bought a juicer and learned everything she could about the process hoping that when her mother-in-law came home from the hospital, they could help fight her cancer with organic, raw nutrients.

“Unfortunately, that chance never came, and she was only able to taste one of my newly crafted juices before her body lost the fight with cancer,” Alicia says.

They decided to create Harvest Juice Café to help others in the community by providing what they weren’t able to give Matt’s mom.

Working with a nutritionist, they created an extensive menu that features juices like Dance to the Beet, which promotes heart health and healthy blood pressure; cancer-fighting Winning at Life; and Apple Cinnamon Pear that helps boost your immune system. They also offer smoothies, lemonade, limeade and cleanses.

“We want to make healthy eating easy, convenient and most of all affordable,” Alicia says. “Our goal is to serve health, and we constantly edit our ingredients in order to pack each drink full with essential disease-fighting agents.” 

Life on the Veg

Low glycemic, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, top disease-fighting cold-pressed juice with organic dark greens and herbs. Great for diabetics, cancer and MS patients, low-carb diets and much more!

Make ahead for the week
Servings: 7
7.4 pounds organic celery
3.05 pounds organic cucumber
1.52 pounds organic collard greens
1.05 pounds ginger root
.92 pound organic kale
.92 pound organic swiss chard
.35 pound organic parsley
.35 pound organic cilantro
7 tablespoons organic volcano lemon juice