A Theater Room for More than just Movies

John and Casey Hughes wanted to create a movie room for a long time, Debra Cruz, their interior designer says. But from Debra’s perspective, the Hughes family could have more than just a big screen. 

“I recommended for them to build a stage below the screen for the kids to play instruments and put on shows,” she says. “I had a client where we did that before, and it worked out really well.”

The Hughes family and Debra decided to move forward with the stage, made out of a beautiful quartz board, created and painted by a professional carpenter. Custom linen draperies adorn both sides, and they can be opened or closed from underneath the stage. Equipped with surround sound, the room even has columns with sconces and backlit movie posters to complete the mood.

At first, Debra says the couple had just wanted a simple stage, but they decided to go all out instead.

“We started out just wanting to make a little platform, but as we were discussing it, we decided to just make it a real stage like in a real theater,” Debra says. “Why not, you know?”

Now the children watch movies and play instruments in the Hughes Movie Room, an area of their house that was basically empty before, Debra says. It’s an idea she says could work for anyone.

“A lot of new homes that are built, there can be a lot of extra space,” she says. “Why not just make that fifth bedroom into a theater room? It’s a great place to relax, and it can inspire creativity.”