Shop Black Friday at Local Boutiques and Skip the Big-Box Stores

Instead of shopping the big-name stores on Black Friday, consider supporting local Cypress shops. The town’s boutique scene offers a variety of clothing and accessories, and with a little research, you can narrow that buffet of options into a customized experience that’s perfect for you and whoever’s on your list. Whether your taste is young and hip, mature and refined or an eclectic mix of both, the boutiques in Cypress will not disappoint.

Rainey Street Boutique

Rainey Street Boutique, named after the popular Austin neighborhood, is as hip as its namesake. Owner Cadi Winters says that when she’s purchasing clothing and accessories to stock her shelves, she always has what’s “in” today on her mind.

“We try to be up on today’s fashion trends,” she says. “There are some who think we cater to a younger crowd, but honestly, I think we’re for everyone.”

Rainey Street is a new store—it only opened in Fairfield Town Center last August—and that freshness shines through in Cadi’s independent understanding of what she wants to provide to people in Cypress.

“Just being able to do my own vision, how I would do it, is so rewarding,” she says. “I think we’re just different. We’re trendy and edgy.”

28610 Highway 290, F-02, 281.213.4101,

Instagram: @raineystreetboutique

Magpies Gifts

Magpies Gifts is a stalwart institution of the Houston-area boutique scene, with three locations across the map. The store, which began in Montrose, is now in Bellaire, Sugar Land and Cypress, but despite all the changes, it’s still a family-run business.

“I think we’re more than a boutique,” says Chrissy Hignett, who co-owns the store with her sister and cousin. “A boutique is for clothing and accessories, but we sell home and gift items, men’s products and lots of things for babies, too. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Chrissy says there will be plenty on sale for the holidays, and she’s looking forward to seeing her favorite customers.

“I just love Cypress,” she says. “Our customers make coming to work so easy.”

12344 Barker Cypress Road, 281.256.9777,

Instagram: @magpies_gifts

Haute Suburban Mess, a Merle Norman Boutique

Haute Suburban Mess isn’t your typical shopping trip; it’s a two-in-one cosmetics-boutique experience. One half of the store features Merle Norman skin care products, which you can’t buy online. The other half offers unique clothing, handbags and jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else in the Cypress area.

“It’s very personable here,” says Angee Ruffinno, the store owner. “We spend time with customers and make sure they have everything they need—the perfect colors, the perfect skin routine, the perfect products. This is something you can’t do online.”

Although the store is less than 2 years old, Angee has managed to keep up with more established competitors by offering one-of-a-kind clothes and jewelry for mature women.

“We try to be unique,” she says.

The concept shines through in the store’s name, obviously. Ruffino says she was trying to come up with an eye-catcher when she wrote it down for the first time. 

“It’s so competitive out there,” she says. “You want something that grabs people’s attention.”

25712 Highway 209, Suite 1, 281.304.4000,

Instagram: @merle_norman_and_more

B. Ellen Boutique

Brandy Ellen Divin is a fourth-generation retailer, and the experience shows in the eclectic selection of apparel, handbags and gifts she stocks at her Cypress boutique, B. Ellen. 

“My great-grandfather bought a general store in the 1920s, and it was passed down to my grandparents, and now my parents have it,” she says. “It’s 80 miles from here, so I wanted something closer to where I live, but still that family experience stays with me.”

Brandy says she tries to keep it personal with the products she sells, and she tries out all the beauty products, shampoos and makeup before offering it to her customers.

“I do a lot of research,” she says.

It’s her customers, after all, that keep her going—and they keep coming back. Brandy chalks it up to the Texas and USA theme she aims to maintain with the products she sells. 

“I’m proud that all of my products have a story,” she says. “I like to sell things people will connect to.”

25712 Highway 290, Suite E, 281.304.7767,

Instagram: @bellenboutique