Chef Paul Friedman Brings South African Fare to Houston

Peli Peli in Vintage Park serves South African fusion cuisine and features authentic South African delicacies along with American steak, chicken and seafood favorites that are prepared in chef Paul Friedman’s South African style. This style includes marinades, seasonings and spices used in South African cuisine with Dutch, Portuguese and Asian influences. 

Paul developed his passion for cooking as a young man growing up in South Africa. He learned to love not only the sights and sounds but also the different smells and tastes in Africa, and he’s obsessed with incorporating recipes from the various ethnic groups from the continent in Peli Peli dishes.

“From Arab and Afrikaner to Zairean and Zulu, they are all African and evoke their own magic of taste,” he says.

He shared some of his favorite dishes you can enjoy at Peli Peli, all of which are made with love.