Hello, neighbors!

We are three months in, and I can’t thank you enough for the incredible response to Cypress Lifestyle! Thank you so much for all the well-wishes and compliments! I’m so happy you enjoy the publication and want to contribute to future issues! As I always say, we are in this together! 

This month is our foodie issue. Houston is famous for a lot of things, and one of them is the incredible number of restaurants that feature cuisine from all over the world. It’s something that, as a native Houstonian, I tell everyone I meet. That, and we can golf year-round! But I digress.

Did you know more than 90 languages are spoken in the Houston area? That translates into an amazing opportunity to eat food most people have to travel to distant countries to experience! What is especially fun is that these restaurants are popping up around Cy-Fair. We have our own food and travel show in our backyard!

From Vietnamese to Korean and Mediterranean to South African, Cypress is growing in its taste as it grows in community. The opportunity to enjoy dishes from other countries in our area is growing every day.

As we explore our foodie opportunities, we can’t forget our local farm-to-table spots like Season’s Harvest, featured in this issue. Beket and Joanne Griffith created a unique experience that offers the freshest ingredients grown right here in Cypress. The restaurant features a farmhouse-feel eatery complete with chickens and rows of freshly grown produce, which makes their dishes reminiscent of a simpler time when backyard vegetable gardens were common.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, a gourmet, an epicure or just an average eater; whether you’re into nachos at a game, craft beer at your favorite brewery, a latte from your favorite café or just a pumpkin full of leftover Halloween candy, we hope this issue inspires you to check out the amazing food scene right here in Cy-Fair.

And send me your favorite restaurants and hangouts so we can spotlight them in future issues! 

I’ll see you around town!