Beket Griffith’s 8-Acre Farm-to-Table Dreamland Is Waiting to Serve You

When you’re at Season’s Harvest—Beket Griffith’s cozy farm-to-table restaurant on 8 acres of green, South Texas farmland outside of Cypress—you’re likely to feel like you’re at home. The fact that the restaurant is located in a renovated log cabin homestead might have something to do with that.

“Hospitality is important to us,” Beket says. “We’ve always liked having people over, and having the restaurant in a house gives us the ability to do that. We want people to feel like they’re in a home, and we get that feedback. They feel like they’re going over to relatives.” 

The house, which Beket and his family gutted and repurposed inch-by-inch—including a new covered patio and a farm stand in the front—causes people to feel like they’re with family, Beket says. And considering he runs the restaurant with his two sons and his wife, Joanne, it’s probably safe to say that “eating with relatives” feeling isn’t just in your head. 

Isaiah, Beket’s oldest son, is a cook, and Joshua, 18, works the espresso counter. Meanwhile, an attentive staff keeps the hearty, fresh-from-the-farm orders running to tables. Menu items like cornbread with roasted jalapeno butter and organic squash “linguini” topped with almond-organic basil-spinach pesto aren’t easily forgotten, which is why Beket says Season’s Harvest often finds itself catering to regulars.

It wasn’t always this way, Beket says. He spent years working as a pastor before starting Season’s Harvest with Joanne. Before moving the restaurant to the farm four years ago, Season’s Harvest was in a smaller location closer to town. There wasn’t any land, there weren’t any chickens or goats and there certainly wasn’t a farm stand and a general store—which Beket will also run when it opens—that sold many of the produce and homegrown goods customers can order from the dinner menu.

But despite the lack of everything that makes Season’s Harvest what it is today, the old restaurant was successful, Beket says. Starting out was a challenge, but compared to what the family would encounter after moving the restaurant to the farm, some might call it easy. 

“It was a lot harder than we expected,” Beket says, crediting his family for the support and work it took to keep the business running smoothly. “We bit off a lot.”

Obviously, there were the issues any restaurant owner faces, but there was also the issue of how to raise farm animals, how to milk goats and how to manage 8 acres of land. Hurricane Harvey, which flooded the family’s home, only added to the complications, as did Joanne’s recent cancer diagnosis. She’s received positive news recently, Beket says, but still, the struggle can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, Beket says he has his faith, his family and his customers to draw encouragement from. His days in the ministry taught him much of what he needs to know to run Season’s Harvest in a way that makes people feel at home.

“I love people—you can’t be in the ministry without loving people—and just being a part of their lives,” he says. “We get to meet people here that we would never have met in another context, and I’m thankful for that. We love Cypress, and we love to be local and keep things local. We try to pour our hearts back into the community.”

17303 Shaw Road, Cypress, Texas, 832.534.8686