From New York to Texas, Lena Lindsay Knows Food Trucks

One of the first things Skye Cafe owner Lena Lindsay realized when she moved to Texas from New York City five years ago was the food truck scene in Cypress wasn’t the same as a what she was used to.

“In New York, the food truck scene was fully developed,” she says. “Here, things were just starting off.”

Due to that still-developing state, Lindsay was able to dig in and make her mark. Through Skye Cafe, she’s been able to contribute to the diversity of food that the area offers, as well as help others do the same. That’s why she not only runs her food truck, where her world-famous “Stank” burger sliders—that’s feta cheese, bacon, slaw and aioli on top of a juicy burger slider patty—top off a menu of unforgettable American and international flavors, but also helps lead a group that aims to mentor women who own food trucks.

“I’m trying to help cultivate the industry,” Lindsay says. “I’ve been a manager for 20 years, and I love bringing the food culture of New York down here. I’m trying to be a trailblazer.”

That much is obvious from not only what Lindsay has done with Skye Cafe, but also from her history. After decades working in the corporate world, she was ready to branch off and do her own thing. That’s what brought her down to Texas, where she says she wants the food she cooks to build on the idea of the country being a melting pot. Skye Cafe, as the website states, is a celebration of American comfort food that is derived from many cultures.

“We offer up home-cooked flavors that remind you of the tastes and smells you grew up with while adding a gourmet and healthy twist,” Lindsay says. “I’m bringing a mix of flavors to the table.”