Nicole Roubique’s Kitchen and Dining Room Pair to Make the Perfect Communal Space

When Nicole Roubique bought her new home in Towne Lake four years ago, she was able to make the decision based on what she knew she didn’t want.

“We picked this floor plan because we’ve had two-story houses before where half the upstairs doesn’t get used,” she says. “Now that we have older kids, nobody goes upstairs. I didn’t want to get stuck with this big space that nobody uses, so instead, we went with a house with a big dining room and kitchen.”

Nicole says her decision has served her well.

“I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like a white kitchen,” she says. “Everyone is choosing gray kitchens these days, but how long is that going to be in?”

There’s a double oven, cabinet space and a humongous kitchen island where feasts can be prepared and whisked over to the dining room, only a few yards away. 

“Try wiping it down,” Nicole says about the kitchen island.

The cabinets, made of brown wood, and the counters, topped with Kingswood Oxid Porcelain tile, match perfectly, she says, and Nicole has finished everything off with an array of decorations and knickknacks that tie everything together and make the space feel like home.

Her family is all about large meals with lots of people, she says, and the kitchen, as well as the dining room and the living room, give her plenty to work with. The three rooms are joined together and essentially serve as one large communal space, which means when family comes over or her daughter’s college swim team is in town for a meet, there are always people around and looking for something to eat. 

Fortunately, Nicole has that end of the deal covered.

“I cook everything,” she says. “I’m a Louisiana born-and-bred kid, and I cook every night except for Fridays. The other night we did steaks with tomato gravy and mashed potatoes and biscuits. It was perfect because once it was done, everyone was already right there hanging out.”