Eclectic Clothing and Accessories to Suit Any Taste

If a customer were to walk into Vickie Lynn’s Boutique and think “fashion warehouse,” who could blame them? That’s where Vickie, who has owned her handbag, clothing and jewelry boutique for more than a decade, gets all her goods, after all.

“It’s all about the warehouse,” Vickie says during a phone interview with Cypress Lifestyle from the very warehouse where she stores her eclectic collection of gold-framed jewelry, handbags, shoes and other items. “I stock all my goods and accessories here and replenish the stores as necessary.”

The clothes and accessories that can be found at Vickie Lynn’s, which Vickie says she picks out according to her own refined and distinct fashion sense, seem to please the boutique’s customers as well. There are sweaters and shoes to fit any taste, and Vickie says she lives to see her customers’ fashion needs satisfied.

And the store’s online reviews, which seem to just keep coming as regularly as the customers, reflect this.

“Vickie Lynn’s never disappoints,” one customer wrote on the boutique’s Facebook page. “I always walk away happy.”

“Vickie Lynn’s is the best boutique to shop at in Cypress,” another wrote. “The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful to everyone.”