The New Mazda 6 Takes Customers for the Ride of Their Lives

The Mazda 6 is a phenomenal car, and Todd Crabtree, general manager of Jeff Haas Mazda in Cypress, loves to show it off.

“The interiors are amazing,” Todd says. “One of my employees used to work at a BMW store, and he said if you put a BMW badge on it you could sell it for $30,000 more.”

The thing about the Mazda 6 is that the company completely remade itself, Todd says. Mazda is a company of engineers—they don’t market a whole lot—and it shows in the way the company’s cars drive.

“Right now we’re on the sixth generation, but I guarantee you that by the eighth Mazda will be a luxury car brand,” he says. “It’s where they’re headed.”

The biggest change with the 6 is that the company turbocharged the engines, so if you’re looking for a car that feels like it’s stacked with a V8 engine but still comes with that smooth ride, the Mazda 6 is for you.

“They have reinvented the combustion engine,” Todd says. “All of a sudden there’s a lot of power. You’ve got a 4-cylinder engine with the torque of a V8.”

Despite the big change, however, customers might not be aware of the power under the hood. Since the company has recently repositioned itself, Todd says common consumers haven’t necessarily gotten the memo—yet. Once they figure it out, though, there’s no going back.

“They just love it,” he says. “The perfect customer—with a $120,000 to $150,000 income and a college education—that’s who this car is for. Someone who wants to be different and powerful. It’s a step up, and all of Mazda’s new projects are just amazing. If you go for a ride, you’ll get the idea.