High-End Cypress Boutique Offers Plenty for Growing Customer Base

Tracie Swonke decided to call her store Anything Bling 13 years ago when “bling” was the “it” word to use. But even though the hipness surrounding the word might have faded a bit, the clothes and accessories offered at her Cypress-based boutique—which she started out of her garage, by the way—are still as stylish as ever. Forget about rhinestones and bejeweled denim, Tracie says; Anything Bling offers a classic shopping experience for the high-end consumer.

“It sounds like a jewelry store, like where you might buy a T-shirt with fake diamonds on it, but it’s not that at all,” she says. “We do high fashion, great service and a real boutique experience. It’s anything but bling, honestly.”

With three stores currently open for business, Tracie says that unlike the word itself, Anything Bling the store isn’t going anywhere.

“As long as you like style and high fashion, we have something for you,” she says.