Dennis Farris Serves Houston’s Tailor-Made Needs

Dennis Farris, the owner and tailor-in-chief of Trends Custom Fit, says there’s no better time to be involved with men’s fashion than now.

“The main problem with men is that they were never introduced to made-to-measure,” Dennis says. “That’s changing. What appeals to many of our customers is a wide variety of fabric and customization, and now you’re finding more and more men who appreciate the opportunity to influence the looks of their suits and sports jackets.”

The sea change is part of the reason that Dennis, who used to work as a jazz musician, opened up his tailor business in April. He says the response has been phenomenal. Men’s fashion has become a serious business, and as men begin to discover the difference a well-fitted suit can make in their appearance, social lives and professional careers, they’ve begun to call on Dennis. And calling is all they have to do, too, because Dennis makes house calls.

Dennis says his company comes to a client’s home or office and does a complimentary consultation to make sure all the measurements and details are perfect before he gets to work.

“When you’re working with these types of people, it gets very serious,” he says. “We’ve looked at this business as not only a business, but also as a family, and we’re creating relationships. We really get into the details of taking care of our clients, and customer service is paramount. We come to their location—either home or office—and they barely even have to get up. They’re not judged; we’re truly working with them and meeting their needs.”

And Cypress—along with the Houston area in general—is a great place to do it, too, Dennis adds. With all the high-powered healthcare, tech and energy industries springing up every day, there’s no shortage of businessmen in need of a solid look.

“I believe if you look good you feel good, and I’ve always had a passion for fashion,” Dennis says. “And with Houston being so large, there’s basically no end to the opportunity. I work with companies and individuals both, and a lot of them are drawn to that made-to-measure look.”

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